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Chaos is your one stop for Cold Weather Accessories!

For over 55 years Chaos Hats, has been providing its customers with a wide variety of competitively priced, high quality head wear and accessories with unsurpassed customer service and support. They pride on being one of the largest head wear suppliers in the world with offices in Montreal, Steamboat Springs, San Diego, Shanghai, and Northern Italy.

Manufacturing both in Montreal, Canada and overseas, Chaos has established a solid foundation of factories to meet all of its production needs.They currently source and manufacture from over 8 countries using materials from all over the world. Their designers travel the world to make sure the styles in their line are not only the most current in world fashion, but also packed with function and comfort.

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Distributor in Mexico

Top Fitness

Puebla, Puebla C.P. 72440


Tel: +52 (222) 233-7529


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