ATF Sports

Mercredi, 16 Novembre 2011 16:15 AtlAtl
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ATF SPORTS is a World Class manufacturer of Martial Arts Uniforms and Fitness Equipment.


Located in St. Laurent, Québec; ATF SPORTS provides apparel, accessories, equipment and the ultimate protection gear using Energy Diffusion Technology (EDT).

Boxing Bags, Gloves, Head Gear, Shoes, Ropes & Accessories.

Martial Arts Apparel, Training Equipment, Weapons & Shields.

Fitness Equipment: Gym Balls, mats, Jump Ropes, Dumbbells, Weight Plates, Trampolines, Weighted Vests & Balls, Push up Bars, Ankle & Wrist Weights, Hand Grips, Chinning Bars, etc.


ATF SPORTS is the best option to cover the needs of your gym, dojo or athletic association in one stop!


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